• Many people follow a vegetarian diet but there is no definite diet pattern. People who follow a vegetarian diet are distinguished into following categories. Vegans or totally vegetarians Lacto vegetarians Ovo lacto vegetarians Semi vegetarians The vegans follow diets that include food only from plants like fruits vegetables, seeds, legumes, grains, and  nuts. The diet [...]

    Inflammation that normally happens around the joints such as the knees or elbows is known as gout. Many everyday things that need to be done can cause a person with gout extreme pain, things as simple as putting on pants or walking. Sometimes gout is caused from higher than normal uric acid in the body. [...]

    As both the flu and allergy seasons approach simultaneously, it’s important to understand the differences in the symptoms of each. Generally, doctors agree that flu symptoms tend to be more extreme than those of allergies. Allergy symptoms include but are not limited to sneezing, a runny nose, congestion, and itching and watering eyes. Most doctors [...]

    Get Pregnant Quickly; Are you and your spouse or significant other trying to become pregnant? Are you ready for a new child to add to your family or for your first one? You will have to get used to being called either mommy or daddy if you use the best way to get pregnant. This [...]

    Pregnancy as we all know is a very special phase of any women’s life. Usually , people do care for their nutrition, exercise, diet, rest, prenatal check ups by gynecologists etc. Some attend special prenatal courses too. But does anybody know, one of the very vital requirement during the pregnancy is dental check up – [...]