• What is a natural remedy and is it different from a home remedy? A natural remedy is one that is found in nature, as opposed to being produced in a lab. Popular formats include flowers, herbs, and essential oils. If a home remedy doesn’t use natural ingredients, then it isn’t a natural remedy. If it [...]

    Valerie Waters is known as the “celebrity fitness trainer”. She’s trained famous actors and actresses such as Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, Jim Carrey & many more. The Valslide is her secret weapon for making it easier to get a good, effective workout anytime and anywhere. It was designed with all levels of fitness in mind. [...]

    I would imagine that very few, if any, people have never experienced a hangover, and hangovers are not pleasant experiences. You feel like death is around the corner don’t you? Many opt for popping over the counter remedies such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen which can be helpful, although harsh on your liver, which, by the [...]

    What is genital herpes? And what are the ways this disease can be cured? If you’ll read this short story you will learn how to deal with the problem that today has more than 18 million people in the world in a panic. Genital herpes can be reversed and is not so dangerous in life [...]

    A gallstones cure can come in different forms. For some individuals, the only cure is a surgical procedure and for others, they are able to completely flush their system of the stone through dietary changes. Everyone that suffers from gallstones will react differently to the various courses of treatment. An effective gallstones cure will be [...]