• Alzheimer’s also sometimes referred to in slang as “Old Timers”, since it happens to the elderly, is the most common form of dementia. It is quite common and expected to grow in incidence. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease. Forgetfulness is usually the most common initial symptom. People in the initial stage of this disease being [...]

    This extract of milk thistle silymarin has some amazing therapeutic properties when it comes to your liver. See how it can liven up your liver! The part of this herb plant which we use today is the seed and the extract is what’s called silymarin. It has a been used in a number of health [...]

    Vertigo may be described as a sensation of spinning, swirling or moving that occurs when your balance is disturbed – it is the perception that you or your surroundings are moving. It is a symptom and not an actual disease. There are 2 types of vertigo and they are distinguished as follows; When you feel [...]

    Most people view spiritual healing as proof that what your mind can conceive, your body can achieve.  This phrase is a mantra for sports-minded individuals who want to optimize their physical performance by conditioning their mind as much as possible.  Some call it conditioning, while others who put more focus on its transcendental impacts describe [...]

    Throughout your life, calcium will prove to be very important.  With the most important times of your life, such as childhood, breast feeding, or pregnancy, getting the right amounts of calcium is very important.  For children, calcium helps with the growth of teeth and bones, and it prevents blood clots.  With adults, calcium helps to [...]