• When teenagers reach puberty, acne can have a devastating effect on their confidence. Understandably, parents can worry about the products that are sold over the counter that can do more damage then good for their children’s skin tissue. The other worry is the cost of these products, especially for a single parent or a nuclear [...]

    Have you been experiencing some joint pains?  The causes of joint pains may vary, therefore, it is just logical that you do not take “any” pain reliever to get rid of the discomfort.  A joint pain relief can only be effective if you consider where the pain is coming from. Here are a number of [...]

    Omega 3 sources can be a confusing topic even for those who have some knowledge of the subject. In this post we will walk with you through this world of extensive information and misinformation and hopefully shed some light on this confusing topic. Omega 3 (also known as omega 3 fat, omega 3 acids, omega [...]

    Have you been considering meditation but don’t know which method to use? There are a lot of different meditation methods described on the internet, but it takes a lot of time to read about and decide which one is best for you. There is a much simpler and quicker way and that is to combine [...]

    If you suffer with back pain I’m sure that you have heard of a back inversion table before but have you ever tried one? Those who have rave about how they feel afterward so let’s look at what a back inversion table is and why it is so good for you. Inversion therapy is nothing [...]