• Fungal infections are of common occurrence in many, especially in the tropical countries. Normally fungi are available on human body surface and thrive on damp, humid conditions of the human body. Most fungal infections are harmless but severity of these infections often lands one in embarrassing situations.

    Stress and anxiety can drive you absolutely insane.

    It is easy to think to put aloe vera on a burn or tea tree on an insect bite, but what about more serious ailments like asthma, cancer, arthritis or heart disease? Do we have to rely on prescription medicines to treat these ailments or are there natural healing remedies for these conditions as well

    If you enjoy natural healing remedies, but you have not used peppermint essential oil yet, you are missing out! There are so many great benefits of this aromatic oil! Let’s start with energy.

    If you are interested in natural healing remedies for your health, a great place to start would be lemongrass essential oil!Here are some very good reasons to start using lemongrass essential oil. It has the power to bring down a very high, dangerous fever.Fevers are no fun to have, but having a dangerously high fever is downright frightening!Lemongrass essential oil can bring down a fever very effectively, even a very high one. It can increase breast milk in breastfeeding mothers!Not only can it increase the milk, but it also produces a higher quality of milk!Not to mention the extra antibacterial and antimicrobial properties in the oil, which passes through the milk to baby