• “Can you get rid of acne permanently?”, must be the question that almost every acne sufferer will ask at some time. Are you one of them? Huge amounts of dollars are spent every day on the vast array of acne treatments available, either as prescribed or over-the-counter medication. It is a fact that 95% of [...]

    Alcoholic liver disease occurs due to an acute or chronic inflammation of the liver due to alcohol abuse. This disease usually occurs after a prolonged use of alcohol. In the United States 10% of men and 3% of women suffer from problems related to alcoholic consumption. The occurrence of the disease depends on the amount [...]

    What if I told you it’s actually possible to firm up your skin without undergoing any expensive procedures?  So many people struggle to find that right method of skin tightening that doesn’t cost the earth.  Here’s how you can make it work for you. To find the right way of skin tightening, we need to [...]

    With the rising popularity of these omega 3 oils, some people are wondering if a fish oil overdose is really possible. Let’s look at the possibilities and how you can easily avoid any potential negative reaction. It is extremely unlikely that in reality you can overdose on fish oil as people are reported to have [...]

    Bacterial vaginosis is a common infection that afflicts millions of women around the world. The fishy odor caused by the infection makes it an embarrassing problem to have. In fact, many women are known to suffer in silence, too embarrassed to discuss this issue. If you are one of them, then there is some good [...]