• By Dr Jack The other name of this blood pressure is “silent killer”. Blood pressure is the pressure that is exerted by the blood on the walls of the blood vessels.

    By Joel Teo Not a day goes past without a weight loss pill or diet solution being featured on the television. In this article, we will highlight three steps that you can take to loose weight naturally and regain your confidence and a great body

    By Janice Duryea Since we all live in a fast-paced society, we expect things to work out quickly. We want instant noodles, take-out dinner, video on demand, and quick service. It is no question then that we demand the same standard for our weight loss pills

    For something as simple as standing straight, I thought this article from Real Age was worth reprinting. Obviously, there are other VERY important things to do, like eat well and exercise, but to only stand for 1 minute (instead of sitting), a few times a day can help. Read on….

    Here is the second part of the Dr.