• Mike Geary’s e-book, the Truth about Abs is famous among those people who want to lose some fat and to have a six pack abs. If you also plan on having a flat belly and haven’t heard of this book yet, keep on reading because it will help you achieve your goal.

    How on earth do I develop six pack abs? Every New Year it’s the same perplexing question for millions of men all around the planet when they perceive their shapeless abdomen and long for the solid appearance of a bodybuilder or Hollywood star. So, as soon as the January 1st hangover has gone away they [...]

    Have you been religiously doing your ab work out yet are finding that you are nowhere closer to seeing your six pack of abs that you feel you deserve? This can be very frustrating and you’re certainly not the only person who has experienced this disappointment. Let’s explore what could possibly be the problem here. [...]

    If you’re like most people you have probably been wishing for flat abs all your life or you’ve done more than just wish for flat abs but have actually done a lower abs workout a time or two in your life. For many who have done a lower abs workout the pain is just too [...]