• By Peter Skotnicky Dealing with acne is not fun, but finding a remedy might be easier than you think.

    By George Alarcon Nobody wants to be embarrassed because of acne invasions on their face.

    Acne scar is a real problem, and if you have visited physicians before you will understand it’s a big wallet drain! If you were tried many acne scars’ medications, and they gave negative results. Being too expensive or drying out the face.

    “Can you get rid of acne permanently?”, must be the question that almost every acne sufferer will ask at some time. Are you one of them? Huge amounts of dollars are spent every day on the vast array of acne treatments available, either as prescribed or over-the-counter medication. It is a fact that 95% of [...]

    When teenagers reach puberty, acne can have a devastating effect on their confidence. Understandably, parents can worry about the products that are sold over the counter that can do more damage then good for their children’s skin tissue. The other worry is the cost of these products, especially for a single parent or a nuclear [...]