• By Dr Jack Allergy is a chronic disease which occurs when the immune system of the body does not destroy the invaders who enter into the body.

    Best Natural Cure For Allergies – The Real Cause and Cure of Allergies Are you looking for the Best Natural Cure for Allergies? If so then click this link http://www.howtocurecandida.com to try something you’ve never done before. There are many natural cures for allergy symptoms but the question is what is the best one to [...]

    A skin allergy is the body’s over-reaction to one or more allergens in our environment. Allergic contact dermatitis occurs when your skin comes in contact with an allergen that your skin is sensitive or allergic to. Jewelry metals and fragrances top the list of substances most likely to cause serious skin rashes. It can also [...]

    As both the flu and allergy seasons approach simultaneously, it’s important to understand the differences in the symptoms of each. Generally, doctors agree that flu symptoms tend to be more extreme than those of allergies. Allergy symptoms include but are not limited to sneezing, a runny nose, congestion, and itching and watering eyes. Most doctors [...]