• There are many anxiety attacks symptoms that people experience. Anxiety and depression are closely related to each other because one gives birth to the other. Anxiety is the feeling of intense worry over something or someone. When you experience anxiety you feel nervous, scared, timid and really shy in certain situations. When you are depressed [...]

    It does no good to walk around always worried about things, because the things that you are worried about in all likelihood won’t happen. Anxiety only serves to rob you of your peace of mind, do not let it. Recognize it for what it is and do something about it. Coping with anxiety is something [...]

    When you have anxiety you will experience strong feelings of apprehension, intense worrying about something, or fear. You may feel that you cannot control these feelings when they arise in you. Maybe it is because you have a hereditary problem, or because you suffer from a chemical imbalance. There are all kinds of drugs on [...]

    Is General Anxiety Disorder holding you back? Perceived threats or instances where you are worrying about something is what brings on anxiety, but anxiety disorder is the feeling that everything with you is out of whack. Your mind is playing games with you in the worst way. You will second guess yourself on everything and [...]

    Fortunately for me I have never had an anxiety or panic attack like the ones I hear others describe.  However, if you or a loved one of yours suffers with anxiety attacks or panic attacks know that you do NOT have to resort to prescription medication to tranquilize yourself out of this situation.  Anxiety natural [...]