• Bacterial vaginosis is a common infection that afflicts millions of women around the world. The fishy odor caused by the infection makes it an embarrassing problem to have. In fact, many women are known to suffer in silence, too embarrassed to discuss this issue. If you are one of them, then there is some good [...]

    There are a few things that are quite capable of disturbing the balance in the vagina.  This malodorous form of an imbalance in the vagina is known as Vaginosis.  A few reasons for vaginosis and the remedies for Vaginal Odors are given below: • Poor Hygienic Condition:  It is very essential that one takes bath [...]

    The best cure for bacterial vaginosis should be such that it does enough to prevent a recurrence of the problem. Unfortunately this is not something that conventional medication guarantees in the case of bacterial vaginosis. What is then the best cure for bacterial vaginosis? If you are someone who is wondering what exactly the solution [...]

    Bacterial vaginosis, (BV) as it is popularly known, affects a number of women during their fertile years.  The primary symptom of this infection a fishy smelling vaginal odor with a whitish grayish discharge which can often be a cause of embarrassment. So much so that many women stay away from their partners due to their [...]

    The fight you have to take with your vaginal infection is not easy and a bacterial vaginosis cure is needed as soon as possible. There are no nice sides of this, and things seem to be getting worse by the day. At first, there was a fishy smell that you paid no attention to and [...]