• By Johnny Drama Many years ago a statement was uttered by one of the greatest bodybuilders and trainers of his era, Vince Gironda, and the statement was that “bodybuilding is 80% diet.” While “The Iron Guru”, as Vince became known, held some fame as a bodybuilder himself, he was better known for introducing the USA to newcomer, Arnold Schwartzeneger and helping him rapidly become one of the greatest and most famous bodybuilders of all time. From the 1950s through to 1997, his list of acolytes was like a who’s who of bodybuilding. During his multi-decade career as a trainer of champions, Vince was absolutely convinced that a good bodybuilding diet program was the key to being a successful bodybuilder, and played a big part in convincing other people of this belief

    There is no need to spend a lot on body building supplements. The best thing to do is to research exactly what you may need for whatever your particular goal is. Not even one of the body building supplements can offer all the essential nutrients that are greatly needed by any person who is involved [...]

    Here are some body building tips so that you approach this in a sensible way. I am sure you have seen those competitions on television where there are all these big bulky guys who look like they spend their whole life in the gym working out. These guys have made a commitment to going to [...]

    Body building is not just a sport for men anymore, there are more and more women getting involved with this activity everyday. Some of the women can be bulkier than the men sometimes if you’ve ever seen the competitions. It is important that you select the proper body building program dependent on your body building [...]