• This is the 3rd part of my blog on breast cancer. The first two were about prevention and treatments. One of the best ways to avoid it is to eat really well.

    It’s October and while Summer is over, the sun still shines. Sun exposure is good for us as it is a natural source of Vitamin D which provides our bodies with many benefits. Too much of anything though is not good and that definitely includes sun exposure. Whenever you are exposed to the sun you [...]

    Cancer is one of the most dreadful diseases human kind has ever encountered. Having cancer is like having one foot in the grave. Or so it seemed, before man found ways to remove the cancer cells and repress recurrence. In fact, to date, several cancer patients have survived cancer through natural and orthodox treatments. Cancer [...]

    Unless a woman is getting the tests that would reveal the cancer these symptoms many times won’t be diagnosed. This alone is one of the problems with detecting ovarian cancer in its early stages. The symptoms of ovarian cancer are quite often dismissed due to the fact that they can be rather benign. Stomach swelling [...]