• When experiencing infertility problems, patients may be inclined to explore all of their treatment options and even explore some possibilities they never knew existed, such as the use of HIP embryos. HIP stands for high implant potential. Through careful and innovative research, scientists have been able to identify the embryos most likely to lead to [...]

    Having hard time getting pregnant? Don’t give up yet. It seems that many couples go through the STRESS of trying to get pregnant. And I do mean stress because every month, when it is obvious that they have failed at it, there is added pressure trying to figure out why they have not succeeded. There [...]

    The amount of women who cannot become pregnant in the United States is estimated to be over three million and growing. There are many possible causes of female sterility including stress or anxiety as well as many physical factors as well. The drop in female fertility has also been attributed to the fact that many [...]

    As a woman, maybe you have always dreamed of the day when you could hold your own baby in your arms. Or maybe you have desired to hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet and the laughter of a baby gracing your home? The odds are in your favor as 84% of women trying to conceive [...]

    Trying to Conceive Tips& Resources There are thousands upon thousands of couples that are desperately doing  everything they can to conceive a child.  Their desire to become parents has become so strong, that a good number of them eventually turn to fertility doctors. The reasons for having trouble conceiving vary considerably. There can be issues [...]