• It’s important to have as much knowledge of male pattern baldness as possible in order to understand it better, which in turn will help you make better decisions in terms of its treatment. It is estimated that close to 95% of all cases of hair loss can be categorized as male pattern baldness. By the [...]

    Many more women are wearing wigs or hair extensions these days than before. Perhaps it is because many celebrities have recently admitted to using hair extensions in their latest look. The quality of wigs for women has improved greatly over the years so that now there are even real hair wigs. But why would you [...]

    As a woman if your hair isn’t full, flowing, silky and beautiful then chances are you may feel less than pretty. However, if you are finding your hair thinning as a woman it can be totally devastating to your self esteem. If this is you and you are considering a female hair transplant here are [...]

    People with serious hair loss problems, after they’ve tried just about every other type of prevention they can try, will resort to trying out some of the more popular hair loss medications. You have to tread lightly if you’re going to take such medications and make sure you get the advice of a professional before [...]

    It’s never easy for men to deal with natural hair loss, because it makes them feel as if they’re aging too fast. This is especially a problem when the man is still young and starts to lose his hair, because this causes confidence problems and other self esteem issues. Happily there are natural hair loss [...]