• With the rising popularity of these omega 3 oils, some people are wondering if a fish oil overdose is really possible. Let’s look at the possibilities and how you can easily avoid any potential negative reaction. It is extremely unlikely that in reality you can overdose on fish oil as people are reported to have [...]

    Omega 3 sources can be a confusing topic even for those who have some knowledge of the subject. In this post we will walk with you through this world of extensive information and misinformation and hopefully shed some light on this confusing topic. Omega 3 (also known as omega 3 fat, omega 3 acids, omega [...]

    Omega3 are one of the essential fatty acids which are very much required for the proper functioning of our body.  They not only strengthen the immune system of the body and help it resist ailments but also help in enhancing general health of the body. These oils are essential fatty acids because their deficiency can [...]

    Many of us are now aware just how beneficial fish omega3 oils are, but selecting the right ones can be tough with all the different ones available. To make it easier, here are the important factors to look for when choosing your oil if you want the maximum rewards. It seems everybody claims to have [...]

    You have no doubt been reading up on the benefits of krill oil and salmon oil and are maybe deciding which one to take. I would like to suggest that neither are the best option and here is why. Let’s take salmon oil first. Now of course this is an omega 3 fish oil too [...]