• Panic attacks treatment is readily available so get yours today and do not let these incidents ruin your life. Panic attacks can be said to be a severe form of shyness, they are usually brought on by the thought of being in situations that you feel you won’t be able to handle. Younger people usually [...]

    With your panic disorder symptoms do you ever wonder if you are going crazy? If you experience anxiety and panic attacks you need to know that you are not crazy, even though it can seem that way sometimes. Your panic episodes and your feelings of anxiety are all just imagined worries you are having about [...]

    Panic attacks are feelings of intense worry coupled with symptoms such as excessive sweating, heavy breathing, feelings of being in extreme danger, a sinking feeling of sickness that sits in your stomach that you can’t get rid of. Anxiety could be said to be the big brother of shyness or paranoia. The feelings you are [...]

    You are a healthy adult, you have friends and family that care about you and your social life is great, but then one day you begin to experience symptoms of a tight chest, your breathing becomes labored, you feel like you are going to pass out. You are experiencing an intense feeling of fear that [...]

    Panic attacks symptoms can be very crippling so here we want to discuss hoe to spot them and how to stop them so you can go on living your life normally. Everyone is a little shy at times in their life. It is completely natural. Shyness is a way to protect us from certain situations [...]