• There are many people who have become bitterly disappointed with the conventional quit smoking methods such as relying on medications. Although the latter show a good percentage rate of success in smoking cessation, they do not work at all for many people due to a large number of factors. So, you are more than likely [...]

    Stop Smoking: Not Another Stop Smoking Sermon …”With a smoke in my hand, I felt like a man…But the smoke in my hand made me a dead man…” -Anonymous.  Before you click away from this page and declare that I am just another “aunt agony” who is going to try to talk you into stopping [...]

      ‘A cigarette is a pipe with a fire at one end and a fool at the other’ said Dr. Johnson in his sarcastic comment on cigarettes and smoking. Smoking is in fact a pernicious craving for tobacco products, especially cigarettes and cigars. An organic compound, nicotine, which is richly found in tobacco smoke, is [...]