• So you’ve come to the point where you finally want to give up your smoking habit? How many years has it been that you’ve been smoking and inhaling all of those toxic chemicals into your body? How many years have you been trying to get yourself to this point? It’s not an easy task, I [...]

    Quit smoking help is so readily available today that anyone who is serious about giving up this very bad habit has all the tools within their grasp. So why then are there still so many smokers? Well here we will look at that as well as some of the motivators that may have you considering [...]

    I bet you think that I’m crazy to say that Smoking is NOT an addiction, especially since we have all been brainwashed, all our lives, to believe that it is….hear me out, please. Smoking is a habit and a very bad one at that. Stop smoking help is available to you and can be very [...]

    Are you looking for some stop smoking help? Well here I will tell you the stop smoking methods I used to give up just recently. One of the main things I would like you to put into your mind is that no situation is hopeless and you can quit smoking for good…but only when you’re [...]

    Time and time again you have heard warnings about cigarette smoking and its ill effects to one’s health. Yet, it seems nothing deters a smoker from lighting cigarette after cigarette. Some twenty years ago, a report from the United States Surgeon General states that “Cigarette smoking is the major single cause of cancer mortality in [...]