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    Everyone feels anxious from time to time and that’s nothing to be concerned about. However, if you feel anxious all the time and without reason, and this anxiety is affecting your daily life, then you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder.

    Here are some of the symptoms of an anxiety disorder that you may be experiencing;

    1. Feeling on edge or very tense,
    2. Impatience,
    3. Restlessness,
    4. Lack of ability to concentrate,
    5. Jaw pain,
    6. Headaches,
    7. Muscle tension,
    8. Difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep,
    9. Fatigue,
    10. Tightness of the chest,
    11. Excessive sweating,
    12. Dry mouth and others such as anti-social feelings.

    Now obviously some of the above symptoms may also be evident when something other than anxiety is the issue, so be sure that you rule out any other serious illness before you attack this is an anxiety problem. Also you may find that you are not experiencing all of the above symptoms but some or most instead.

    There are many natural remedies for anxiety so we will list some here for you to try as well as other resources you can check out for yourself. Some of these are tips on things to avoid as well.

    1. Take Calcium, Magnesium, and B-complex vitamin supplements.

    2. Avoid refined sugars and carbohydrates, and instead eat foods low in sugar and containing whole grains (not whole wheat). Some people are allergic to wheat and this can bring on anxiety attacks.

    3. Avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, and cola sodas.

    4. Avoid alcohol and drugs, as these tend to use up your bodies supply of important vitamins and minerals when your body metabolizes them.

    5. Try a Gluten free diet.

    6. Exercise – regular exercise is very good for the mind and the body.

    7. Aromatherapy – many swear by the calming effects of aromatherapy so find your favorite scent that relaxes you and sniff away. You can put these in your bath, use massage oil or in an infuser.

    8. Avoid Artificial Sweeteners – not only are they toxic but they have been linked to anxiety attacks as well.

    9. Massage Therapy - Massage therapy, shiatsu, and other forms of bodywork are widely used to diminish muscle tension, relieve stress, and improve sleep.

    10. St .John’s Wort is another supplement that anxiety sufferers report as being helpful.

    11. Mind Exercises – deep breathing and meditation are some techniques that help with anxiety attacks.

    There are many other natural ways to deal with anxiety problems without the use of harmful prescription drugs so do yourself a favor and find the remedy that works for you.

    Here are some other resources for you to look into;

    Panic Away
    – a very popular method

    The Linden Method – many anxiety attack sufferers claim this was the best method for them.

    Easy Calm – video coaching

    The video below has useful information about the types of anxiety disorders, however I do not agree with their suggestion that drugs are the answer for treating anxiety issues. The choice is always yours. We’re just trying to give you the information you need to make smart choices for your health.

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    To your optimal health,

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    Other Resources

    Panic Away
    Immediate Anxiety Relief A Natural Technique To Stop Panic Attacks and General Anxiety Fast!

    The Linden Method
    In the Next 5 Minutes You Will KNOW How To Cure Your Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD or Agoraphobia... PERMANENTLY! Other programs and treatments fail but we GUARANTEE success!

    Easy Calm
    Welcome. I'm Jon Mercer, and the first thing you need to know is, I have been where you are: I struggled with severe anxiety and panic attacks for 20 years before discovering the secret to overcoming these problems. Once I "cracked the code," every area of my life improved 100%. Today, I coach people all over the world to overcome panic attacks and anxiety. Allow me to show you how...

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