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    Millions of people around the world have been diagnosed with high cholesterol and have also been given severe warnings to get it under control or suffer possible heart attack and other threatening conditions.   Is this you or someone you care for?  Well there are many natural remedies for cholesterol so you do not have to rely on the toxic drugs that the pharmaceutical companies have your doctors push on you.

    Higher levels of LDL (“bad cholesterol”) are considered a major risk factor for strokes and heart disease.   It is believed that LDL cholesterol leads to hardening of the arteries, also known as atherosclerosis.

    There is some debate going on now about the common beliefs regarding cholesterol as some believe that lowering cholesterol can lead to damaging results to the body as well.  I’m pretty sure that there is a healthy balance that needs to be maintained in order to preserve good health.


    So let’s have a look at some of the natural cholesterol remedies available;

    1. Red Yeast Rice – I list this one first because I want you to be aware that the FDA got involved with this natural supplement since it was found to contain lovastatin which is the active pharmaceutical ingredient that most prescribed drugs for lowering cholesterol contain.

      The FDA required Red Yeast Rice supplements to remove the lovastatin they contained so the current red yeast rice supplements may no longer have this benefit of lowering cholesterol.  The FDA is even considering reclassifying this supplement as a drug.

    So, in case you have heard of red yeast rice for lowering cholesterol I just wanted you to be aware that the red yeast rice on the market since the FDA got involved may not have the same benefits as they previously did.

    2. Soluble Fiber – The way this benefits you is by binding with cholesterol and causing it to be eliminated when you have a bowel movement. The soluble fiber reduces the absorption of cholesterol in your intestines.

    Here are some sources of soluble fiber;

    * Peas and beans

    * Oats, Barley, Rye

    * Psyllium Powder

    * Some Fruits eg. Apples, Prunes, Berries

    * Some Vegetables eg. Yams, Brussell Sprouts, Carrots & Broccoli.

    3. Artichoke Leaf – some studies have been done that have found that artichoke leaf extract has the power to lower LDL cholesterol. It is believed that this works by limiting the absorption of cholesterol in the body. It is also thought that artichoke leaf extract causes an increase in the production of bile in the liver which increases cholesterol excretion.

    4. Niacin – ( also known as Vitamin B 3) – Niacin has been shown to decrease LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase HDL (good cholesterol). There are potential side effects with taking niacin so you should consult with your doctor, especially if you take medications for cholesterol or any other conditions.

    5. Garlic – garlic is an amazing item that naturally heals in so many ways and has also shown to be able to lower LDL cholesterol

    6. CoQ10- Research has shown this supplement to lower cholesterol as well as having other benefits for your body.

    Active Ubiquinol CO Q-10 with Resveratrol-60 liquicaps


    7. Policosanol – Studies have shown that Policosonal works by inhibiting the production of cholesterol in the liver

    Here is another natural treatment for cholesterol;


    Take the time to find the help and the natural treatment you need, and you’ll be able to get on with your life and enjoy it to the fullest. You deserve to be happy and healthy and pain-free.


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