• Erectile Dysfunction aka E.D.

    Impotence has a new nickname and it is now erectile dysfunction also known as ED. It is the inability to obtain an adequate erection for satisfactory sexual activity with one’s partner and can be very embarrassing and discouraging. The television ads are plentiful for drugs to treat erectile dysfunction but of, you, like me, prefer not to take drugs then have hope! There are natural remedies for erectile dysfunction available for you.

    If you feel that you are impotent, it can make you feel that you have somehow lost part of your dignity, your masculinity, and your wholeness as a person. You shouldn’t feel this way as, almost always, this condition can be reversed with treatment.

    First we will have a look at the possible causes of your erectile dysfunction or impotence; Just so you know, ED is more common in men over the age of 65 but there is no law stating that it can only happen then. Men of any age can experience this condition.

    There are both physical as well as psychological factors that can contribute to erectile dysfunction. As far as the physical factors go their effect is usually to reduce energy levels, decrease blood flow or narrow the arteries.

    Some of the physical factors that can contribute to ED are;

    1. Diabetes
    2. Stroke
    3. Alcoholism
    4. Drug Abuse
    5. Obesity
    6. Fatigue
    7. Spinal Disease
    8. Kidney Disease
    9. Heart Disease
    10. Multiple Sclerosis
    11. Arteriosclerosis
    12. Reduced testosterone levels
    13. Peripheral nerve issues
    14. Blood clot(s)
    15. Stress
    16. Vascular Disease
    17. Certain Medications
    18. Inactivity

    Some of the psychological factors that can play a part in your suffering with erectile dysfunction are;

    1. Performance anxiety
    2. Depression
    3. Fear of intimacy
    4. Residual effects of prior physical abuse such as rape or sexual abuse
    5. Uncertainty about your sexual orientation or preferances

    So what are the available natural remedies for erectile dysfunction?

    1. Siberian Ginseng – this herb promotes circulation and natural vitality
    2. Kola Vera – fights fatigue and can increase energy levels
    3. Psychotherapy
    4. Behaviour Modification Therapy
    5. Cessation of medications that have this as a side effect (consult your doctor)
    6. Break from the norm – try having sex in different positions or different locations.
    7. Communication – couples often have problems with their sex lives when there are underlying issues in the relationship itself.
    8. Abstain from alcohol – try not having alcohol before sex
    9. Quit smoking – smoking has been shown to constrict blood vessels so if you smoke it would be advisable to quit for this and many other health reasons.
    10. L-Arginine – this amino acid helps to create nitric oxide which helps to increase blood flow. You can get this naturally in your diet from meats, fish, poultry and dairy products. You can also get it in supplement form. This has the same effect as Viagra and other ED drugs sold.
    11. Zinc – a deficiency in zinc has been shown to contribute to erectile dysfunction.

    There are many other natural remedies including natural aphrodisiacs available to you so do not despair. Do your research until you find what works for you.

    Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

    Here is another natural remedy for erectile dysfunction you can try.

    Look below this post for additional resources;

    Be sure to post a comment about what worked for you or if you know of any other natural remedies not listed here please feel free to share them here with others who are part of our community. Thanks for sharing.

    Take the time to find the help and the natural treatment you need, and you’ll be able to get on with your life and enjoy it to the fullest. You deserve to be happy and healthy and pain-free.

    To Your Optimal Health,

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