• Panic Disorder Symptoms

    Panic disorder symptoms can sometimes be mistaken for other issues so it is important to learn and know what these symptoms may be so that you can get a jump start in treating them and regaining control over your life. Panic disorder destroys many people’s lives so let’s not allow this to be your reality too.

    Some people experience one panic attack and never get another one. These are the lucky ones. For others it is a recurring event which they cannot predict. This is where the loss of control feeling comes about as you could be anywhere, including in your bed resting, when suddenly a panic attack hits you.

    Panic disorder is characterized by repeated panic attacks, combined with major changes in behavior or persistent anxiety over having further attacks.

    Many people believe that they are having a heart attack and run to their doctor or an emergency room only to be told that they were having a panic attack only. While this is better news than to be having a heart attack it is very traumatic to go through as I’m sure you can imagine.

    Panic Disorder Symptoms most commonly experienced:

    1. Shortness of breath or hyperventilation
    2. Heart palpitations or a racing heart
    3. Choking feeling
    4. Sweating
    5. Chest Pain or discomfort
    6. Trembling or shaking
    7. Nausea or an upset stomach
    8. Hot or cold flashes
    9. Numbness
    10. Tingling sensations
    11. Feeling unreal or detached from your surroundings
    12. Fear of dying
    13. Fear of losing control
    14. Fear of going crazy
    15. Other unrealistic fears

    Once you have experienced a panic attack you may have lingering effects such as an intense fear of having that experience again. To determine if you are actually suffering from panic disorder consider the following;

    1. Do you have frequent, unexpected panic attacks not associated with any specific situation?
    2. Do you constantly worry about having another panic attack?
    3. Have you modified your life because of your panic attacks? eg. Avoiding certain places where you have had a panic attack before for fear of it repeating there.

    When you have panic disorder you may eventually also develop these additional symptoms;

    * Anticipatory anxiety where you are unable to relax, even when not having a panic attack. This means that you are always tense and anxious in expectation of another panic attack coming. I’m sure you can anticipate how this state of mind can affect how you live your life.

    * Phobic avoidance where you purposefully avoid certain situations or surroundings because you believe that they had something to do with causing your previous panic attack. Another possibility is that you avoid places where you do not think you would be able to escape easily or get help if you had a panic attack there.

    In some cases the fear gets so strong that you may begin to avoid places like malls or sports stadiums where a lot of people gather. Public transportation gets to be too difficult as well and you may eventually become so fearful that the only place you feel safe is in your own home so you become a recluse to avoid believed dangerous situations.

    The good news is that there is a lot of help available for you so that you do not have to live with panic disorder symptoms and allow your life to be ruined by fear.

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    Also be sure to post a comment about what worked for you or if you know of any other natural remedies not listed here please feel free to share them here with others who are part of our community. Thanks for sharing.

    Take the time to find the help and the natural treatment you need, and you’ll be able to get on with your life and enjoy it to the fullest. You deserve to be happy and healthy and pain-free.

    To Your Optimal Health,

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