• pH Balance in the Body

    The acidity and alkalinity levels within our bodies are measured by the Potential of Hydrogen (PH) scale. The pH level of 7.0 is considered to be neutral; any levels below 7.0 are considered to be acidic and above 7.0 are considered to be alkaline. Achieving the optimal pH balance in the body should be one of your never ending quests as this has so much to do with your health.

    The metabolic functions in our bodies produce acid so we need to be making adjustments to get our body back to an alkaline state by maintaining the ph balance in the body at its optimal levels. We do this by the food we consume and by our lifestyle.

    Diet and exercise are extremely important in keeping your body fit as a fit body is better equipped to fight off any potential disease that may threaten your body’s immune system. You will experience a longer more fulfilling life if you focus on maintaining the proper pH balance in the body.

    Most foods will either boost your system by adding alkalinity, or drain away your energy by adding acidity. Haven’t you experienced the situation where after a meal you feel lethargic? Whatever you ate drained your energy as opposed to boosting it.

    In reality, the body maintains an optimal level of health and well-being when it stays slightly alkaline so this should be your goal at all times. When you consume unhealthy and junk food you cause your body to become more acidic which can lead to health problems.

    According to nutritionists, you should aim to consume 80% alkaline based foods and 20% acid based food. This will help to keep the ph balance in the body at a normal level which will support your looking and feeling healthier. The alkaline foods are mostly fruits and vegetables but these are not all. The acidic tend to be meats, fish, grains and eggs. Do the research into which foods are alkaline and which are acidic. It would be a good idea to post a list in your kitchen so you know what to avoid whenever possible.

    Some things that interfere with the proper ph balance in the body are;

    1. Stress
    2. Eating poorly such as too much acidic foods or too much processed foods
    3. Lack of exercise
    4. Not consuming enough alkaline water
    5. Lack of sleep

    Do you know that prescription medicines only make your body more acidic? So if you do happen to become ill the medication you take may make matters worse by adding to the acidity in your body. The cause of most disease is having a pH level too far below 7, which damages your immune system, making it difficult to fend off germs and viruses.

    The body performs much better when it is more alkaline than acidic which is why it is so important to look after your body. The ideal pH reading is approximately 7.37. The longer you eat acidic foods, and the lower your pH balance becomes, the better chance that you will become disease ridden. Disease cannot thrive in an alkaline environment so this is what you want your body to be.

    In order to restore your pH balance to a healthy level you have to take the necessary steps to becoming a healthier individual. It will not happen overnight, just as it did not get out of balance overnight either.

    Take it one day at a time and you will eventually get the pH balance in the body that you need to maintain optimal health in the long term.

    Alkaline Body
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