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    Tinnitus is the ringing or buzzing in one or both of your ears and is enough to drive a person crazy isn’t it? You’ll do anything to stop this tinnitus noise won’t you! You may be wondering what is this ringing ears cause and we’re going to have a look at that as well as natural remedies for tinnitus so that you can get some relief from this bothersome condition.

    Has your tinnitus affected your ability to sleep or to concentrate?  This is very often the case with those suffering with tinnitus. So what causes tinnitus?

    One Stop Solution For People With Tinnitus

    Tinnitus is sometimes a symptom of a variety of other ear disorders or even other medical conditions. Some of the other issues that Tinnitus may be a symptom of, or caused by, are;

    1. Blocked Ear Canal
    2. Ear Infection
    3. Blocked eustachian tube
    4. Hearing Loss
    5. Hearing damage caused by taking certain drugs ( eg. Certain antibiotics and aspirin)
    6. Otosclerosis which is a common ear disorder can cause tinnitus
    7. Meniere’s Disease – symptoms of which are dizziness, deafness and tinnitus.
    8. Ear trauma or damage caused by severely loud sounds or explosions you may have experienced.
    9. Other Diseases such as hypertension or high blood pressure, anemia, hypothyroidism, and arteriosclerosis as well as natural hearing loss associated with advancing age.
    10. Head Injury
    11. Stress

    So what are some of the natural tinnitus remedies? Let’s look at a few;

    1. Exercise and Deep Breathing – if your tinnitus is a result of stress then anything you do to reduce your stress level will help. Exercise and deep breathing are excellent ways to help you body de-stress. Exercise also stimulates blood circulation which helps with this condition.

    2. Diet – You diet is very important when coping with tinnitus. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat a protein rich diet that includes vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, Zinc and choline. Avoid foods with saturated fats (you should do this all the time anyway), sugary food or drinks, salty or processed foods as well as caffeine.

    3. Alcohol – avoid alcohol.

    4. Smoking – avoid smoking.

    5. Iron-Rich Foods – can be helpful, especially if your tinnitus is a result of anemia.

    There are many other natural treatments that help with tinnitus. You will find some additional resources below this post.

    Here is one from Native Remedies called TinnaRex.

    Here are some of the benefits of this product;

    TinnaRex Benefits:
    Promote the health of the ear and all its structures
    Encourage health and harmony in the ear and nervous system
    Keep hearing clear
    Support the health of the cardiovascular system
    Encourage healthy circulation
    Support feelings of well-being, balance and harmony

    Take the time to find the help and the natural treatment you need, and you’ll be able to get on with your life and enjoy it to the fullest. You deserve to be happy and healthy and pain-free.

    To Your Optimal Health,

    One Stop Solution For People With Tinnitus

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